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“The Fast Track to Become A Brand Owner”

It is inevitable to say that OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) has emerged significantly as one of the booming businesses nowadays. The difference between generations is one of those factors that triggers OEM business to be more attractive opportunity for people since generation Y tend to value freedom and responsibility to overcome problems on their own. In other word, generation Y are technically independent to advance in their career, turning out to be having their own brand as well as control and operate a business by themselves. Secondly, start-up businesses by outsourcing OEM allows you to reduce costs, free up capitals and improve worker productivity that enables entrepreneurs to come up with strategies and value to operate their business with cost efficiency. Lastly, with the spread of COVID-19, a number of companies shut down, the rate of unemployment increased dramatically, start-up businesses are inevitably considered as an alternative way for people to live and survive under this chaotic circumstance.